An Introduction to Mind-Body Learning

This weekend training will help you explore ways to bring your work to the world through mind-body teaching and life-changing workshops.

Creating Transformational Workshops is designed to explore your purpose and path as a leader and answer questions about how you can bring your work to the world in the form of transformational workshops:

Do you aspire to lead life-changing workshops, trainings, or retreats? Are you interested in exploring how becoming a transformational teacher can enhance your life's work? When you’re clear about your calling and you’ve got the right tools, you’re in a powerful position to help others. This workshop will sharpen your vision and help you take the next step in bringing your work into the world. Discover how to bring what you’re passionate about into a group setting—in a way that makes your heart sing and lights up your participants.

Through discussion, group work, and practice, you will:

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