Group Dynamics and the Power of Presence

This 4-day hands-on training will help you develop and hone your facilitation skills to direct the energy of your group for the highest outcomes.

Facilitating Transformational Workshops is designed to answer questions about facilitating workshops that have the power to transform the group and the individuals that make up the group:

Facilitating Transformational Workshops gives you insights into what people think about groups, why they may fear groups, and how groups can become gateways to deeper insight and creativity. We explore how, as a leader, you can successfully navigate each of the seasons of group dynamics. We also examine your relationship to power, authority and control—and how that will influence your personal style as a leader.

Three Challenges.

More specifically, in this workshop we’ll examine the three primary challenges a workshop facilitator faces:

Seven Facilitation Skills.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll reference and practice facilitation skills and techniques to help you address the three challenges by maintaining motivation and trust inside the group, inviting full engagement and participation in the group processes, and sensitively and effectively working with difficult behaviors and challenging dynamics. The seven facilitation skills you will learn about and practice are:

Group dynamics undergirds the entire workshop process, and we’ll examine how a group evolves over time and how that impacts both the goals of the group and the dynamics operating within the group.

Throughout the workshop you will be invited to deepen your practice of self awareness, which forms the basis for any kind of transformation, and is at the heart of being an embodied facilitator. As a workshop facilitator, self awareness is your most fundamental tool in helping guide the group productively through learning, self discovery, conflict, and, finally, completion.

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