Designing & Leading


The Craft of Mind-Body Teaching

This 5-day immersive training will give you the tools and skills you need to design and lead workshops that have the power to change lives.

Designing & Leading Transformational Workshops is designed to answer the following questions:

  • What are the steps or phases in designing a transformational workshop?
  • What are the keys to designing mind-body experiences?
  • How can you help people to overcome fear and place their trust in the group?
  • What’s the secret to being in the moment as a leader? (How will you stand in your own fire—the inner workshop—while facilitating the group process in the outer workshop?)

To find and follow your calling is a great quest. At Designing & Leading Transformational Workshops, you’ll get clear about your path as a leader with a vision and mission statement. You’ll discover what holds you back from fulfilling your calling, and learn how to guide yourself in making goals and objectives for your workshop.

We’ll walk through all four phases of the workshop design process: Vision, Design, Delivery, and Follow-Up. And we’ll explore how to create the conditions for transformation using the Transformational Learning Cycle (TLC for short), which consists of three elements: Safety, Experience, and Integration. The TLC will help you to design short or long workshops, and it will guide you any time you lead people in mind-body experiences.

You’ll learn how to turn your core teachings into mind-body experiences from an insider’s point of view. You’ll get clues to making your workshops more dynamic and holistic. And our ways of inviting full participation will help you to breathe life and interactivity into your workshops.

You’ll also learn how to use tools for the design and creation of your workshop, such as:

  • Mind Mapping: Explore your imagination and the limits of possibility for your workshop and to come up with concrete goals, descriptions, and marketing taglines.
  • Four Phases of Workshop Creation: When you’re ready to draw up your design, the Four Phases will help you through vision, design, delivery, and follow up.
  • Transformational Learning Cycle Worksheet: Construct a transformational learning cycle that incorporates safety, experience, and integration.
  • Workshop Session Plan: Collect and organize your workshop session into an agenda with support materials that will guide you and keep you on track.

Designing & Leading culminates in the presentation of two mini-workshops (one 20 minutes and the other 30 minutes) by each workshop participant to a small group of peers. The training is designed to scaffold your learning so that you’ll feel confident in your design and leadership abilities. And the mini-workshop sessions are designed to gather feedback from your peers so that you’ll have a clear idea of your areas of strength and one or two areas of improvement.

This is a 5-day training offered every April at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.

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